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(en) Gincana Monstra: Opening the code

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were faced with a huge challenge: how to continue carrying out our activities without being able to count on two of its most important elements, the gathering, the physical presence? Plans had to be quickly redone to promote an online learning process in a moment of so many urgencies, moreover, that would not overload Brazilian feminists even more. From this we created the Gincana Monstra!
Inspired by the Gincanas, a common game in Brazil, with a lot of joy and collective work, our intention here is to exchange competition for collaboration, in and creative journey.
The Gincana is now consolidated as a methodology that we refer to as infrastructures of affection, and it is the materialization of the Transfeminist Network of Digital Care work. This is, mainly, the fruit of our dedication to the field of integral care in the construction of greater protection and freedom for women activists, LGBTQI+ people, and rights defenders.

Introduction and learning goals

Welcome to Gincana Monstra!

Laying the foundations

Preparation activities. Before starting to choose the topics to be addressed along the journey...

Fertilizing the soil

Learning paths

Sowing and seeding

Learning activities

Reaping the harvest and the opening paths

Finalization and post production