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Aláfias [script]

Moments of recognition and appreciation of the path taken to that point, even if it is not yet the end point.
This deserves a celebration, a commemoration, an open path to continue the journey. This celebration can be marked in different ways, producing something, sharing, recognizing, realizing, or proposing a challenge, something that marks that path in the journey up to that point.


Try to propose Aláfias that stimulate the use of creativity, of the content presented, and that can provide exchanges and collective construction among people of the same team, valuing the different skills of the group, also subverting the idea of competition and valuing collaboration among the participants. If possible, stimulating exchange and collective construction also among teams!


The expression Aláfia, used in this methodology means "welcome".
It is an expression of the Yoruba people, of Nigerian-Congolese origin. In the game of conch it means the fall of four open conch shells and has the meaning of positive, confirmation, all is well.
There is no margin of error or contradiction to the question at hand. At the Monster Gincana, we adopt the term for the moments of completion of a learning cycle in which we celebrate and welcome all who are there, admitting that the paths are open to the next steps for all of us.
You may find this term in other languages and cultures, so take a look.

Aláfias - script

  1. Produce or write a text, post, walkthrough, illustration or a zine to replicate one of the themes we looked at this week, taking into account your culture and reality. Try to embrace all the skills of the people on the team. Who writes, who draws, who is creative, who organizes... Use your creativity!

  2. Each team can develop a facilitation script for digital care, using what was discussed during these weeks and whatever else they want to add beyond the content. Remember to bring your essence and experience to the script!

    We will do a skill share on [date]. Over the next week, we invite all groups to choose a time for a dedicated session to discuss together the script and activities of each team.