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Maintaining communication spaces and keeping the network alive

The Monster Gincana methodology is based on building networks of feminist solidarity, so one of the general goals is that at the end of the journey and after that, the network built alongside the process can be maintained.
The spaces created for the exchanges brought up during the Gincana can be used as safe spaces for the participants to maintain their connections and exchanges, not only on themes related to digital care, but also exchanges that can help the work developed by them and their collectives.

It is important that the facilitators organize themselves after the end of the Gincana to follow up and feed these spaces, if necessary. Keeping a healthy routine of sharing interesting content can be a good way.
Sharing new experiences that are of interest to the group and inviting them to reflect together about certain situations or inspirations are also strategies to keep the group alive. These spaces can be very valuable for participants who are interested in continuing to replicate the Gincana Monstra methodology or who are facilitating digital care sessions in their groups and collectives, thus functioning as places of learning.

At the end of the Gincana, it is quite possible that the participants will have already appropriated these spaces for more sensitive exchanges and as places of collective care. At this point it may be interesting to give the participants the freedom to decide whether or not to remain in these spaces, to review the agreements for the functioning of the groups, such as the entrance or not of new people or the type of content to be shared, and to continue exercising collective construction.