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Gathering precious information

Invitations accepted, it's time to gather precious information!


After elaborating the Cosmovision, and still on preparing the terrain, it is very important that the people who will inhabit this universe are heard. Here it is fundamental to think about strategies to gather information about the participants.

Some of this information can be:

  • languages spoken
  • territories where they live/act
  • time zone where they will be during the Gincana
  • gender of the participants
  • digital technologies available and which ones they are more familiar with
  • internet access during the Gincana
  • what is their availability to participate
  • themes of interest, political and cultural contexts
  • risks and violence they might be facing
  • among many other information!

This information is very valuable for the facilitators, because it will guide the next steps, such as the choice of tools and infrastructure that will be used for the activities, the sharing of materials, communications, etc.
Only with this information in hand will the facilitators be able to think of which communication channels, for example, they can use with the group at a first moment, for example, if they all use WhatsApp, this can be the first place to gather all the participants and as the process goes on and the participants have interest and conditions this group can migrate to Signal. This information will also indicate the level of security necessary for the management of the information exchanged throughout the process and how the group of facilitators will seek solutions for this.

This information will also indicate which resources may be needed such as translation of materials or simultaneous translation in the meetings, accessibility resources for participants who may have some physical disability, graphic facilitation, guest participation, etc.
It is important to reinforce that everything will depend on the characteristics of the group of participants and the resources that the facilitators have access to, for example if the facilitators have access to a Nextcloud that can be shared with the participants, or if there is a financial resource that can enable a data package for participants who have limited internet access.

With creativity and collaboration, all challenges can be faced and overcome, always remembering to respect the limits of those involved. For this information gathering, we suggest that the facilitators send the participants a form with all the questions well prepared so that the participants can answer and send in their answers. The facilitators can also use interviews with each participant, following a predefined script, so that the information can be the same for all the participants.

Form Template

Tailor it to your needs, resources, and reality:

This questionnaire aims to help us get to know the participants better, their cultures, particularities, and also the digital infrastructure they have available to participate in the activities.

Answer the questions that you feel comfortable with; only the questions with * are required.

Take about 40 minutes to answer the questionnaire. You can save it and answer it calmly. The questionnaire will be available until May 9th at 23:55 UTC+00. Don't leave it for the last minute.

Any questions regarding this questionnaire can be sent to: [e-mail]

As we mentioned in the invitation, our territories are very important for our possible worlds, so in the topics about "territoriality", tell us all you want and can about your territorial belonging. Feel free to give us details, names, smells, colors, sensations, expressions or words with particular meanings – whatever is important to you!

Data Policy:

The information collected through this form will be used exclusively for the purpose of registering participants for the Opening the Code of the Gincana Monstra event. We do not collect geolocation or IP address data on this platform, nor do we use cookies. The collected information will be securely stored and treated confidentially by the Transfeminist Digital Care Network team. Under no circumstances will personal data or sensitive personal data be used other than for its intended purpose, and at no time will we share participants’ personal information. Personal data will be deleted 12 months after the event.

If you agree with our Data Policy, please check the box below:

( ) I acknowledge and agree to the Data Policy in this form.

1. Personal Data

Social Name:
Date of birth:
Country and city where you live:
Country and city of origin:
Languages you are fluent in:
Second languages:
Secure email (that you access frequently):

2. Identity:

With the aim of knowing more about you and promoting a plural event that respects all identities, in the following questions we ask about your race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and participation in social or political movements.

This information is considered sensitive personal data by the General Law on Personal Data Protection (Law No. 13,709 of 2018) and therefore receives special treatment by requiring consent for its collection and processing.

We remind you that the data will be collected, treated, and stored securely and confidentially and will not be shared with third parties. Personal data will be deleted 12 months after the event.

Your registration will not be denied if you do not agree to provide this information.
Do you agree to disclose your race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and participation in social movement or group so that we can meet the objectives of this application form for the Opening the Code of the Gincana Monstra event? Select one of the following answers:

[ ] YES, I agree to the collection and processing of my data for the purpose of this application form.

[ ] NO, I do not agree to the collection and processing of my data for the purpose of this application form.

[questions that will only be presented if the answer to the previous question is YES]

Gender identity:
Sexual orientation:
Which territoriality do you find yourself in or identify with (regardless of created countries, continents, and borders)?:

[questions that do not require consent and can be asked to all]

How would you like to be called? :
What pronoun do you use? :
Do you have any disabilities and/or need assistance to participate in the meetings? If yes, which? :

3. Getting to know you better:

Please check your areas of activity:

[ ] ancient technologies
[ ] information technology (programming)
[ ] community networks
[ ] information security (any activity)
[ ] communication
[ ] design
[ ] education
[ ] social network activism
[ ] facilitation
[ ] project design
[ ] arts
[ ] culture
[ ] arts and crafts
[ ] politics
[ ] gender
[ ] raciality
[ ] territory
[ ] environment
[ ] religion/spirituality
[ ] health
[ ] free software
[ ] cryptography
[ ] cryptocurrencies
[ ] hacker
[ ] autonomy
[ ] feminism
[ ] community mobilization
[ ] civil disobedience
[ ] nonviolence
[ ] storytelling
[ ] theater of the oppressed
[ ] others: _____________

Tell us a bit about your journey until now! Which group(s), collective(s), organization(s), and activism(s) are part of your personal and political history?

Do you have experiences in digital care or process facilitation? Tell us a little bit about it.

4. Collective Care and Self-Care:

In your opinion, what is collective care and self-care? :

What hobbies or activities do you have or practice to relax or restore your balance? :

Below we ask for some indications and references that we intend to use or share in the activities:

Share with us the link to 3 songs you like:

Share a person’s or character’s name or profile that makes you expand your thinking:

Share a profile, page, or humorist:

5. Opening the Code of the Gincana Monstra:

What would you like to see, learn, or exchange over the course of the Opening the Code of the Gincana Monstra? What is your time zone (UTC)?

Please check the best days and times for the activities to take place (if you have no preference, you can leave it blank): Day of the week:

[ ] Monday [ ] Tuesday [ ] Wednesday [ ] Thursday [ ] Friday [ ] Saturday

Start time (fill in according to your local time and the duration of 2h30):

[ ] Between 01h and 03h
[ ] Between 04h and 06h
[ ] Between 07h and 09h
[ ] Between 10h and 12h
[ ] Between 13h and 16h
[ ] Between 17h and 18h
[ ] Between 19h and 21h
[ ] Between 22h and 24h

Will you participate in the activities using a cell phone or computer and which operating system? If you have more than one, please list them all:

How do you prefer to communicate during the activities? Check all the options you feel comfortable using:

[ ] e-mail list
[ ] whatsapp
[ ] telegram
[ ] signal
[ ] matrix
[ ] mattermost
[ ] discord
[ ] slack
[ ] IRC
[ ] I am open to suggestions
[ ] I would not like to install a new application[ ] other (list them all): ____________

Could you install a software to participate in the group communication?

[ ] yes
[ ] no, because I have no free memory on my cell phone
[ ] no, because I would not like to use a new application
[ ] other. Explain: __________________________

You use or feel comfortable using:

[ ] pad
[ ] padlet
[ ] NextCloud
[ ] BBB - Big Blue Button
[ ] jitsi
[ ] zoom
[ ] mumble
[ ] mumla
[ ] password keychain
[ ] encrypted e-mail
[ ] firefox browser
[ ] Tor browser
[ ] Linux operating system (debian, ubuntu, ...)
[ ] Windows operating system
[ ] Tails operating system
[ ] android
[ ] iOS (iPhone OS)
[ ] lineage
[ ] device encryption
[ ] other: ________________

Is there any tool, technology, service or methodology that you would like to share or suggest?

Do you have any personal needs or arrangements that you would like to propose so that you can be well, integrated and secure during the period of the activities?

6. Agreement of interest and co-responsibility:

Do you confirm your interest, willingness, and availability to be with us during the month of July, to participate synchronously or asynchronously in the activities? (We expect a weekly dedication of about 4h, including main activities and optional activities.)

[ ] yes[ ] no

Do you acknowledge and agree to the terms of the Code of Conduct?

[ ] yes [ ] no