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Role playing game on gender and internet governance


The idea of the role playing game is to think and learn together about intersectionality and internet governance in an embodied way rather than have speeches or debates which can be more analytical and not relatable.

Aim: To get participants to think about different lived realities, identities, and intersectionality in relation to internet governance and policy spaces through temporary embodiment of different identities. 


Based on the space, create a set of ‘person’ cards. The cards will have an one line description of the person. For example, “You are a lesbian woman from Dhaka, Bangladesh, who uses a wheelchair,” or “You are a non-binary person from Beirut, Lebanon, who works on LGBTQ rights and digital security.”

Step 1

Participants will be divided into groups with equal number of members in each group.

Step 2

Each member will get a ‘person’ card. This will prompt them to think about what internet governance means to them and what they want to bring to the space. It will also prompt them to think about the physical space itself, and the challenges which may arise here.

Step 3

One member in each group will be chosen as the ‘moderator’.

Step 4

Each group is assigned one session from the agenda. 

  • Moderator will outline the session and what they will be covering the session through various hypothetical speakers.
  • Others in the group will answer the following question:
    • What are some interventions which you would make in this session? Please bring in perspectives based on your ‘person’ card.

After the initial round of discussion, the group will collectively answer the following:

  • What would have been missing in the session without the interventions from the group members?
  • How does this affect the larger dialogue on internet governance?
Step 5

Each group will share their discussions and answers in brief with the room. 


The person running the game can also intervene with ‘crisis’ moments which can bring in current affairs and situations from real life to each group which can escalate the discussion.

To remember

Self care and collective care is essential to this game. The person running the game needs to be careful and watch out for trigger points. Outlining care principles and requesting people to provide trigger warnings if needed can be one way to address possible trauma in the room. Ensure that there is space for people to exit the room immediately if needed. In case someone is affected badly at any point, make provisions to pause the game and ensure their well being first.

Note: This game is a work in progress, and is yet to be tested out. Please let me know about any suggestions and/or points of concern which you may have regarding this. It can be modified accordingly to