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Reading materials

Primary reading materials

The Politics of Sex

In Plain Sight: Sexuality Rights and the Internet in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Big Data and Sexual Surveillance 

Additional resources

The False Paradox: Freedom of Expression and Sexist Hate Speech

Anonymity, Accountability and the Public Sphere

How crucial is anonymity for sexual exploration and promoting sexual rights activism?

Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and of Association and the Internet

Data 101–Privacy International

Gender, Sexuality and Access to Rights Exercise: Trainer’s Notes

Women’s Rights, Gender and Internet Governance 

Freedom of Expression and Opinion 

Kimberlé Crenshaw: On Intersectionality – keynote at WOW 2016

Developing Intersectional Solidarities: A Plea for Queer Intersectionality, by Sirma Bilge, in Beyond the Queer Alphabet: Conversations on Gender, Sexuality & Intersectionality, edited by Malinda S. Smith and Fatima Jaffer

Intersectionality, Patricia Hills Collins and Sirma Bilge, Polity Press, 2016